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Fold Water Bottle

Fold Water Bottle

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This foldable water bottle appears to be a versatile and convenient option for individuals engaged in sports or outdoor activities. The foldable design and features such as anti-corrosion coating and thermal insulation make it suitable for a range of situations, including travel and picnics. The eco-friendly feature adds to its appeal, and being available for stocking suggests it is ready for purchase.


Fold Water Bottle Specifications:


  • Sports Silicone material, indicating flexibility and durability.

Design for Sports:

  • Specifically designed for sports like football, basketball, and tennis.

Portable Kettle:

  • Emphasizes portability, suitable for travel, picnics, and on-the-go activities.

Christmas Present:

  • Suggested as a gift option for Christmas, indicating it could make a thoughtful and practical present.

Anti-corrosion Coating:

  • Coated to resist corrosion, ensuring the durability of the water bottle.

Equipped for Boiling Water:

  • Indicates the capability to hold boiling water, making it suitable for various temperature beverages.

Applicable for Outdoor Activity:

  • Suitable for use during outdoor activities, emphasizing its versatility.

Bottle Mouth:

  • The design or features related to the bottle mouth are not specified.

Water Bottle Feature:

  • Eco-Friendly, Stocked
  • Emphasizes environmentally friendly aspects and availability of stock.

Thermal Insulation Performance:

  • Indicates that the water bottle has thermal insulation properties, helping to keep beverages at the desired temperature.
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