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LuminaFold Vanity Mirror

LuminaFold Vanity Mirror

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Your Ultimate Beauty Companion!


🌟 Illuminate Your Beauty Journey


Unveil a world of radiant transformation with LuminaFold! A harmonious fusion of elegance and innovation, this vanity mirror beckons you to embrace your inner glow. Bathe in the warm embrace of its LED brilliance and witness your beauty come to life like never before.

🔍 Crystal-Clear Precision


Capture every intricate detail with the precision of a 10X magnifying lens. LuminaFold unveils a new realm of clarity, allowing you to master your makeup with flawless accuracy. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to perfection, all at your fingertips.

⚡ Recharge Your Glamour


LuminaFold goes beyond mere reflection – it's a true powerhouse! With its USB charging functionality, your mirror stays aglow, ensuring you're always prepared for your next moment of magnificence. No more worries about dimming lights – LuminaFold ensures your radiance shines bright.


Two kinds of power supply: Battery-powered - 4 AA batteries / USB straight power supply, without storage power function, that is, no battery

Double mirror: front 1X reverse 10X

Two slots can be small jewelry


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